Individuals seeking to join the fire department must be at least 18 years of age, pass a background investigation including drivers license and criminal history as well as live within the required response area to our station.  (Since we do not staff the station 24/7, members often respond from their homes and must be able to respond to the station within a prescribed time frame to insure prompt responses). Members must have a valid drivers license and be able to complete required training in CPR, Firefighter-I, EMT and other fields as maybe required.  
As a full service Fire Rescue, our members are trained in all fields of Fire Suppression, Hazardous Materials, Rescue and EMS.  Members are required to have a working knowledge in all fields, however may specialize in area's that are better suited to their specific field.  
As a "paid-on-call" service, members are compensated a "stipend" based upon their certification and the type of call or meeting they are participating in.  In accordance with Iowa Law, members may become eligible for for retirement benefits under IPERS.
The ability to see clearly when smoke and darkness surrounds you!
Applications for membership are accepted on a continual basis by downloading the application from this website or picking up application from the Fire Department and submitting it to for review.  (Click the membership link to download the application and informational brochure.)
How to Apply:

Download and complete the application form, then mail or fax to:

Evansdale Fire Rescue
911 S Evans Road
Evansdale , IA , 50707
Phone: 319-233-6930
Fax: 319-274-8966